Children’s Dentist New City

Children’s Dentist New City

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Because we live in a world where accidents happen, having an experienced children’s dentist New City who provides emergency treatment for your children is a must. At Smith’s Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, your New City dental office, our experienced dentist specializes in providing dental care that is specifically designed for children. Making a comprehensive range of essential dental services available, from preventive and restorative care, to cosmetic and emergency treatment, our trained pedodontist offers the multiple levels of care children so often require. Whether a toothache, dental injury, or infection has brought your children through our doors, our office takes dental emergencies very seriously, and is prepared to provide your little ones with the highest quality urgent care. With years of experience in the field, our Board Certified pediatric dentist knows just how to keep your children at ease and as comfortable as possible for their treatment.

When it comes to the most common forms of dental pain experienced by kids, toothaches take the cake by far. If your little ones are experiencing a toothache, you can count on our children’s dentist New City to determine and treat the precise underlying cause of their oral pain. Once at our office, Dr. Smith can perform a careful oral examination, looking over the health of your children’s teeth, gums, and jaws assisted by leading-edge techniques and technology. With most toothaches, a cavity is to blame. If a cavity is determined to be the source of dental pain, your children’s dentist New City will carefully and gently clear away any decay, and depending on the severity of the damage, seal the affected tooth with a direct filling to restore the biting surface of the tooth. For situations involving direct trauma to the teeth, advanced treatment may be required to treat the inner nerve of your children’s tooth and prevent it from becoming infected as it continues to mature.

At Smith’s Little Smiles, our experienced dentist is committed to keeping you and your children well-informed and at ease during your visits. For prompt and gentle treatment from our emergency children’s dentist New City, give our friendly staff a call today!

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